Prevention Initiatives

Recognizing the complex nature of underage drinking, substance abuse and tobacco use, Seminole Prevention Coalition is designing initiatives that address these issues across multiple fronts. Each prevention initiative is contextualized for the culture and environment of Seminole County and works to take advantage of existing health infrastructure. Prevention initiatives target high-risk populations in an effort to reduce the spread of underage drinking, prescription drug abuse and other negative influences in Seminole County.

Within each of our prevention campaigns, our efforts are focused on seven strategies to affect community changes.

  1. Provide Information
    Educational presentations, workshops or seminars and data or media presentations (e.g., public service announcements, brochures, billboard campaigns, community meetings, town halls, forums and Web-based communication).
  2. Enhance Skills
    Workshops, seminars or activities designed to increase the skills of participants, members and staff (e.g., training, technical assistance, distance learning, strategic planning retreats, parenting classes and model programs in schools).
  3. Provide Support
    Opportunities to support people for participation in activities that reduce risk or enhance protection (e.g., providing alternative activities, mentoring, referrals for services, support groups, youth clubs, parenting groups, Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous).
  4. Enhance or Reduce Access and Barriers
    Improving systems and processes to increase the ease, ability and opportunity to utilize systems and services (e.g., access to treatment, childcare, transportation, housing, education, special needs and cultural and language sensitivity).
  5. Change Consequences | Incentives/Disincentives
    Increasing or decreasing the probability of a specific behavior that reduces risk or enhances protection by altering the consequences for performing that behavior (e.g., increasing public recognition for deserved behavior, individual and business rewards, taxes, citations, fines, revocations and loss of privileges).
  6. Change Physical Design
    Changing the physical design or structure of the environment to reduce risk or enhance protection (e.g., parks, landscapes, signage, lighting and outlet density).
  7. Modify and Change Policies
    Formal change in written procedures, bylaws, proclamations, rules or laws with written documentation and/or voting procedures (e.g., workplace initiatives, law enforcement procedures and practices, public policy actions and systems change within government, communities and organizations).


In order for this transformation to occur, we must be willing to take this journey with people; a process that requires both relationships and time. Seminole Prevention Coalition cannot do this alone. Instead, we research and develop close relationships with local organizations, creating partnerships that act as the catalyst for change in the community around us. In addition to funding, Seminole Prevention Coalition collaborates with our partner organizations on strategy and methods, networking resources to build capacity, and offering insight where needed.  It is through these approaches that we are able to capitalize on local knowledge, build safe community, maximize cost-effectiveness, and ensure long-term impact within Seminole County.

Did You Know?

In Seminole County:

1 out of every 3
middle school students

62% of high school students
admit to consuming alcohol?

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