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Values / Mission

This is the core of who we are and what we believe. It is the standard by which we operate. Read more about the heartbeat of the Seminole Prevention Coalition.

At the Seminole Prevention Coalition everything we do is aimed at preventing underage drinking, reducing prescription drug abuse and eliminating the risks of tobacco use and substance abuse in our community.

As a 501 (c)(3) organization we connect nonprofits, government agencies, law enforcement, faith and community-based organizations and local businesses to promote system and community improvements for the benefit of youth and families in Seminole County.

Through research, consensus building and the coordination of resources, the Seminole Prevention Coalition takes a leadership role in improving the quality of life in Seminole County.


To strengthen Seminole County youth and families through the promotion of effective community coordination and collaboration, and the reduction of substance abuse among youth.


A strong, healthy and drug-free community both now and in the future.


To build community through effective prevention efforts.


Board of Directors


Capt. Kim Beacham

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

Vice President

Ms. Christine Stilwell

Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership


Ms. Lisa Page

Seminole County Schools – Retired

Committee Chair & Treasurer

Mrs. Sue Burger

Seminole County Schools – Retired


At the Seminole Prevention Coalition everything we do is about promoting a safe, healthy and drug-free community. We accomplish this by building collaboration among community entities to reduce risk factors through our prevention initiatives. Rather than providing a hand-out, which inevitably leads to dependency and failed projects, we seek to transform Seminole County from the inside out, enabling residents to be the agents of change within their own context.  While policy change, enforcement, education and support are core objectives within our prevention strategies, the process of implementing these initiatives ultimately leads us on a journey of self-discovery, giving communities a platform for understanding their own capabilities, assets, and most importantly self-worth.  It’s not until individuals are able to understand and embrace their value as people and the potential they possess to bring about change, that they are able unite and transform the face of underage drinking, substance abuse and tobacco use within our community.

We believe a safe, healthy and drug-free community is built in large measure through effective and strategic prevention initiatives. Our prevention initiatives are based on a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of Seminole County, designed to provide research-based solutions and implemented to address each issue on multiple fronts. This proven strategy creates prevention initiatives which result in a stronger community, healthier families and an improved quality of life in Seminole County.

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