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We believe a healthy community begins with a strong understanding of the current climate in Seminole County and across Central Florida.

We have developed our community data resource tool kit to provide a wealth of information and data related to the current issues facing our residents. Together these resources tell a story of our area – issues concerning children, families and neighborhoods, and overall community health.

Please continue to visit this page as we’re constantly adding new information and resources for you!

If you have a specific question or issue that isn’t addressed here or if you would like to recommend a resource be added to this site please contact us and we’ll be happy to speak with you directly!

The Resource Directory

The Resource Directory
Download The Resource Directory

The Seminole County Resource Directory is a comprehensive listing of local, state and national resources available to Seminole County families.

This electronic version was updated 2017. Please feel free to copy and distribute this publication as needed.

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Community Agenda Snapshot

Community Agenda Snapshot
Download Community Agenda Snapshot

The first step to helping our community begins with an understanding of the current issues facing Seminole County.

The Seminole Prevention Coalition is proud to offer our Community Agenda Snapshot for Seminole County. Like a community photo album, this booklet contains snapshots of data that combine to offer a picture of the quality of life in our community. Together these snapshots tell a story of our area – issues concerning children, families and neighborhoods, and community health.

To request a hard copy of the report, click here

Community Needs Assessment

Community Needs Assessment
Download Community Needs Assessment

A look at Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Use by Seminole County Youth.

The Seminole Prevention Coalition contracted with the Health Council of East Central Florida, Inc., to conduct a needs assessment focused on tobacco, alcohol and drug use by Seminole County youth. This document is intended to be used as a companion document to the newly released 2011 Community Agenda Snapshot for Seminole County.

2014 FYSAS Seminole County Report

2014 FYSAS Seminole County Report
Download 2014 FYSAS Seminole County Report

Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey (FYSAS) provides scientifically sound information to communities on the prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use, and risk and protective factors among 6th through 12th grade students. This information is essential to support effective substance abuse needs assessment and services planning, and to measure performance outcomes at local and state levels.

Download The Powerpoint Presentation (2010)
Download Key Finding Summary Report (2010)

2014 DFC Support Program Ntl. Evaluation Report

2014 DFC Support Program Ntl. Evaluation Report
Download 2014 DFC Support Program Ntl. Evaluation Report

To help address substance use among our nation’s youth, Congress created the Drug Free Communities Act of 1997 and appropriated funds for the Drug Free Communities (DFC) Support Program. In this report, evaluation findings are presented on the four core outcome measures–average age of onset, past 30-day use, perception of risk/harm of use, and perception of parental disapproval of use–related to alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use.

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